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MMS Configuration for Movistar -Spain

Posté: 15:42 01 nov. 09 #1

Hello everyone. I live in Spain and Movistar don´t give me clear instructions to configure my MWG Zinc because all the menus are in English and so I can´t send or receive MMS. Any help, please?

Thank you very much.


Posté: 15:01 02 nov. 09 #2
  • tcuthill
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Try here:

Select "Spain" and "Movistar" from the options and hit "Search Data". Everything you need to know appears to be there.

Posté: 16:22 02 nov. 09 #3

Thanks for the information, but I already had that data. The problem is where to use it exactly. I tried at MMS Options and at Connections Seetings but I didn´t get the MMS to be sent. So there must be something I´m doing wrong.

At MMS Options ---- Servers --- I created a New Server called: Movistar MMS, with the following settings:

Server Name: Movistar MMS


Port Number: 8080

Server adress:

Conect Via: MOVISTAR

Send Limit: 100K

WAP Version: WAP 2.0


And at START MENU --- SETTINGS --- CONNECTIONS --- CONNECTIONS  I have created a connection called MOVISTAR under which there is a link to MANAGE EXISTING CONNECTIONS where I find:

Movistar MMS Number:

When  I select it appears a new tap with:

Name for the connection: Movistar MMS

Select a Modem: Celular line (GPRS)         (This appears in Grey)

(Clicking NEXT)

Access point name:

  (Clicking NEXT)

User name: MOVISTAR@mms

Password: MOVISTAR

Domain: (Nothing is written here) 

(Clicking ADVANCED...) 

(On the TAP TCP/IP): Use specific IP adress: 

(On the TAP Servers): Use derver-assigned addresses 


When I try to send a MMS the next message appears:


Cannot connect for unknown reason. 


I´ve tried different combinations  but to no avail. What is wrong with this settings?

Posté: 12:20 03 nov. 09 #4
Hello Im loocking for the Internet Settings of VODACOM SOUTH AFRICA
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